The color concrete floor of Shantai is designed to be a waterproof, non-slip, anti-corrosive green floor that is attractive and unique. It can greatly improve the appearance of the building's floor.

We can provide a lot of colors and optional shapes for this kind of building materials. The color concrete floor we use is eco-friendly, non-toxic and formaldehyde-free and highly recognized by the market. It has a simple structure, fast condensation with A1 fire performance and is very suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

The product is uniform in color, bright in color, vivid in texture, translucent in appearance and has the same life expectancy as buildings.

Our colored concrete floor is widely used for decorating outdoor, indoor cement-based floors, walls, attractions, plazas, hotels, office buildings, homes, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, garages, building facades, roofing and various utilities or used for the renovation of a place or old house.

The Shanghai Disneyland, the ground reconstruction of Chengdu Happy Valley Magic Castle and the Chengdu Happy Valley Padding floor project, which are undertaken by Shantai, are equipped with our color concrete floor with various vivid colors, realistic patterns and textures, realizing the perfect harmony between architectures and the natural environment.

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