The FRP produced by Shantai is noted for its high tensile strength. We guarantee that its tensile strength is similar to that of steel wire, usually twice or even 10 times higher than that of steel. Moreover, our FRP materials have been rigorously tested, showing little plastic deformation before reaching maximum tensile strength.

Also, the thermal expansion coefficient of our FRP composites is similar to that of concrete, so when the ambient temperature changes, FRP can work well with the concrete with no large temperature stress between the two materials for better construction durability. Moreover, FRP materials have good corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance and can be used for a long time in acid, alkali, chlorine and humid environments, improving the service life of building structures.

Our FRP has a low thermal conductivity, only 1/100 to 1/1000 times of the metal and is an excellent thermal insulation material. We promise that it performs well with its ideal thermal protection and ablation resistance under transient ultra-high temperatures.

With its simple manufacturing process, it can be molded at one time with excellent economic benefits. Its technological superiority is especially reflected in construction projects with complex shapes. Therefore, we use FTP extensively for projects such as statues and public works. For example, Chengdu Happy Valley is a project we are very proud of. With the application of FTP materials, Shantai built a series of statues beautifully shaped for Chengdu Happy Valley.

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