Shantai' s GRC products are made through mixing raw materials and casting them into molds to produce products with a variety of shapes and textures. Therefore, our GRC products have unlimited plasticity. Also, according to the different needs of customers and designers, the product can be shaped to apply to any artistic style, perfectly realizing all of the designers' design dream.

It also has remarkable features of light weight and high strength. Our products have a bulk density of about 1.8-1.9. It is worth mentioning that our products have a compressive strength of more than 40Mpa and a flexural strength of more than 34Mpa, which greatly exceeds the requirements of international standards.

We applied ultra-thin technology to our GRC board. Also, its length is not limited and has great flexibility. It can be made into any thickness and thus can be easily transported in a moderate size.

It is rich in color and diverse in shape. Our GRC products are all made of homogeneous and transparent mineral materials and can be made in a variety of colors and shapes according to the design requirements.

We have a professional installation team with a wealth of GRC installation experience. Our exquisite modeling and architectural craftsmanship have enabled us to complete many epoch-making classic GRC artistic buildings. For example, Shantai's GRC has been applied to the following projects including Hangzhou Huawei, Algeria Mosque, Dongguan Huawei, Wuyishan Tourism Center Entrance, Japan Hamamatsu Five-Star Golf Hotel, which have all become very successful.

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