GRC Building Material Manufacturer-Shantai
GRC Building Material Manufacturer-Shantai


Shantai's building materials have good fire performance, long service life and high strength. It is light in weight, waterproof and has a strong anti-staining ability.

We guarantee that our products have a long service life, super durable and no deformation.

Our products are made from renewable materials and are environmentally friendly. 

Algerian Mosque GFRC-2017-2018

Algeria Mosque Project, with a total area of 400000 square meters and GRC application area of 71328 square meters, is located in the central axis of Algiers City, the capital of Algeria 

Changzhou Dinosaur Yuandi Water Town GFRC
Changzhou Dinosaur Yuandi Water Town GFRC

The usage amount of GRC components in this project can be 20000 square meters .Colored sandstone components of GRC are adopted for  facade decoration

GRC Villa Jones, Australia, USA
GRC Villa Jones, Australia, USA

Shantai' s GRC products are made through mixing raw materials and casting them into molds to produce products with a variety of shapes and textures. Therefore, our GRC products have unlimited plasticity. 

FRP Macau Lisboa Palace - 2017
FRP Macau Lisboa Palace -- 2017

Shantai adopts FRP to achieve western region camels,Snake Man ,double head sculpture, and color concrete imitation old floor, and other featured landscape such as steel shade pavilion and arc corridor.

Chengdu Happy Valley Phase III TCP Landscape Project
Chengdu Happy Valley Phase III TCP Landscape Project

The 3rd Phase Of Chengdu Happy Valley is themed of legends of the silk road.Shantai Company adopts TCP (themed cement plaster) to built sculptures of wall residue, sunken ship and dead tree etc.

Zhuhai Chang Longmaxi Hotel Rainbow GRG-2014
Zhuhai Chang Longmaxi Hotel Rainbow GRG-2014

Shantai adopts Colorful FRP to Zhuhai Chang Longmaxi Hotel.Our designed GRG board has the characteristics of nailing, planing, sawing and sticking.It is also very suitable for interior decoration and has an ideal indoor effect.


1.Dalian Shantai New Industrial Co., Ltd. is among the earliest high-tech enterprises that engaged in GRC new building material manufacture and installation. After more than 20 years development since 1992,  now Shantai products include: GFRC curtain wall, GRG,FRP ,TCP, color concrete floor and numerous varieties,and becomes a famous color concrete supplier consisting  of  research,  development,  design, manufacture, installation and service.


2.At present, Shantai New Industrial Co.,Ltd. has realized centering on Zhuhai headquarters, Dalian Branch in North, Jiangmen Branch in South, affected north , Yangtze River Delta, The Pearl River Delta of China as comprehensive strategic layout. In order to satisfy the ongoing market demand, in 2012, Shantai invested more than 60 million RMB in Sanshilipu Dalian to construct a  modern GRC production base  with highest specification and most professional level in northeast China.


3.As a leading enterprise, Shantai has become one of the well-known brands in the GRC industry and an important member of the International GRC Association and the committee member of China GRC Association. Also, we have obtained the national second-class qualification for integrating design and construction and have been rated as Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit and the Advanced Private. 

company profile-shantai

The business scope includes the research and promotion of GRC, GRG, FRP, TCP, color concrete floor, etc.

A strict QC system controls every detail of the production process.

Famous groups such as Shanghai Disneyland, Lisboa Palace, Huawei Group, Chimelong, etc.


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