The GRG products designed by Shantai are characterized by light weight, high strength, fire and water resistance, super durability and no deformation. It contains a unique alkali-resistant glass fiber that greatly improves the flexural strength, tensile strength and impact strength of the construction it is applied. At the same time, GRC has strong infinite plasticity, excellent sound insulation performance and it is noted for easy maintenance. We guarantee that it meets the environmental protection requirements.

It is easy to be processed. Our designed GRG board has the characteristics of nailing, planing, sawing and sticking. It is also very suitable for interior decoration and has an ideal indoor effect. GRG is our most personalized, safe and green interior decoration material that can be effectively used to create ever-changing and dreamlike construction shapes. It is fireproof, waterproof and very safe to use.

Our GRG products now are favored by architects and interior designers from all over the world. And they are widely applied to theaters, concert halls, conference halls, high-level venues, star-rated hotels, high-end shopping malls, and high-level clubs building materials that decorate major landmark projects. For example, the artwork called Rainbow is one of Shantai’ s famous masterpiece we built for the Zhuhai Chang Longmaxi Hotel, which has a very eye-catching and splendid displaying effect.

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