Shantai's building materials have good fire performance, long service life and high strength. It is light in weight, waterproof and has a strong anti-staining ability. We guarantee that our products have a long service life, super durable and no deformation. We have applied ultra-thin technology to our products, which demonstrates their infinite plasticity. They can be perfectly applied to the building with good texture, rich colors and various shapes. And they are soundproof and shockproof.

Our products are made from renewable materials and are environmentally friendly. Their raw materials do not contain radioactive nuclear elements and are Class A environmentally friendly materials with no national radionuclide content.

It is worth mentioning that their manufacturing schedule is short, and they are easy to maintain and easy to replace. Because they can be divided into large pieces of production, their installation methods are simple and diverse, which is conducive to on-site construction and greatly shortens the construction period. And, they can all be prefabricated by our factory. Our products are easy to store and easy to transport and all can be stored in the open air without the need to invest in warehouses.

With unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit of craftsmanship, we have undertaken various large-scale art projects and engineering projects all over the world with our rich experience and resources accumulated over the years.

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