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Shantai "hands in" Lafarge to reach a strategic alliance


On February 15, 2020,Shantai Company signed a strategic cooperative agreement with Lafarge Holcim. As the authorized cooperative partner of Lafare Holcim in south and central of China ,Shantai is entitled to manufacture products, market and sales of Ductal UHPC in Province of Jiangxi,Guangdong , Guangxi ,Hunan, Hubei,Macau and Hongkong. Lafarge Holcim China is willing to work with Shantai to promote the application of Ductal UHPC materials together in the field of construction and decoration in South China, central China, Hongkong and Macau.

The Leaders of Lafarge and Shantai meet with each other

Ductal® is an innovative high-tech building material developed by LafargeHolcim group (also known as ultra-high-performance concrete-UHPC), which received 27 inventions and more than 200 patents all over the world with its excellent compressive strength, ductility, durability, ecological protection, thermal insulation and multitudinous aesthetic performance.


Ductal UHPC overseas projects

Ductal UHPC has been widely used in the world in a variety of building external cladding systems since the successful development , including curtain wall hollow panels ,standard curtain wall flat panels , sun shading panels,  large-span roof panels, Bridges, urban landscapes, balcony railings etc.In recent years, it was widely accepted as the standard exterior wall panel used in many new construction and renovation projects such as commercial buildings, offices, public rental houses, hotels and so on.


Ductal UHPC oversea projects

●  Intension: Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), which is six to eight times stronger than traditional mineral materials;

● Durability: 2 to 3 times longer service life than conventional mineral materials..  Ductal UHPC is Made of high quality polymer, low porosity, excellent durability, including: wear resistance, carbonation, weathering, chloride penetration, freeze-thaw, etc.

● Good ductility:  Ductal UHPC is made of strengthened fibes, which ductility is 10 times higher than traditional mineral materials. It is resistant to bending and able to withstand significant changes (such as pressure or expansion) without being destroyed.


 Ductal UHPC oversea projects


On April 22, 2020, Technicians of Lafarge Holcim came to Santai company for technological  training and guidance.

Shantai is going to build a top UHPC enterprise Strategically with Lafarge Holcim China and achieve more classic UHPC projects for win-win cooperation.

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