The production and assembly of Shantai’s TCP products are very flexible. With its high ductility, it is very easy to be shaped according to the structural substrate. We often combine it with a main body support structure consisting of a metal or plastic frame to achieve the desired effect in construction.

The biggest advantage that our products offer to architects and designers is that they can be flexibly designed with easy surface finishes. Its surface can be easily processed to be smooth or textured with a variety of effects. It is easy to paint and has a high degree of color fusion, so it has low maintenance and stands out as long lasting products. It is also one of our strongest building materials and has a long life span as FRP, steel or aluminum. It can be used in harsh weather for decades.

Our TCP is a very special material for sculpting and construction. It is often used for rockeries and imitation stones with complex shapes. It has high impact strength, good bending and tensile properties, thermal stability, and low cost. Also, it can be used as a Class A fire protection material and is a good choice for building facades or interior building facades. Therefore, our Chengdu Happy Valley landscape project extensively and widely uses TCP as a building material, helping vividly display a very realistic and romantic world to the visitors.

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